zondag 20 juni 2010

Mirage & Concept - Rejuvenation (2009)


01. Intro (Take Mine)
02. Worldwide
03. Time ft. Liefocals
04. Reminisce
05. Got You
06. Turn It Up ft. Sixteenth The U.P
07. Life On The Line pt.1
08. Let Go
09. Life On The Line pt.2
10. Runnin’
11. Interlude
12. What It's Worth
13. Rejuvenation
14. Outro



"Consisting off scathing street conscious raps and icey cold jazzy soundscapes, Mirage & Concept set a new millenium mood that’s reminiscent of an early 90’s New York demo tape found in a lost stack of beautiful forgottens."


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  1. Rejuvenation and other Concept's projects you can get on his official Bandcamp site: http://conceptbeats.bandcamp.com/

    Greetings from Poland,

    Witalij | U Call That Love


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