donderdag 10 juni 2010

WarrenJea - What Dreams May Come (Mixtape) & Dear Jasmine (Video)

Man let me first post this new video of WarrenJea instead of going to the mixtape, just because the co star model that is featured in the video is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L and for those who are mesmerized by her like me her name is Jasmine Sanders......


1. Intro by (produced by Bank! Beats)
2. All I Got
3. For Me
4. My Name Is
5. Dreamer’s Nocturne
6. Half Moons & Palm Trees costarring Snook Da Rokkstar
7. Million Dollar Team
8. The Anthem costarring Gemstar Da Goldenchild
9.Different Stuff
10. Some Type Of Way (Interlude by Marsha Ambrosius)
11. Ms. Treated costarring Shelly B.
12. Rather See Her Smilin’
13. Dizzy
14. AtMostFear costarring Mantiz
15. Dear Jasmine
16. Dreamgirl
17. Called Her Desire (Interlude by Malik Yusef)
18. Deeper (produced by Kevin Rachwel)
19. So Sad
20. The One
21. Let You Get Away
22. Sleep costarring Playboy Tre
23. Don’t Be Afraid

With that said it's time to introduce you to the debut mixtape of Warrenjea. He released this in November 2009... but it's dope so why shouldn't I share I with you ?


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