dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Shane Eli - The Push (2010)

01. I’m a Winner
02. Taste of What’s to Come
03. Grey Area
04. I’m Different
05. Baby You’re the One
06. Happiest Regret (ft. Kamilah Gibson)
07. Push
08. Dear Music
09. We Mean Business
10. Knuckle Up
11. Haters
12. Poor Me
13. Swing Low
14. I Wonder
15. Departure

Album Sampler (Video)

Grey Area

Happiest Regret (ft. Kamilah Gibson)

"Los Angeles-based hip hop artist/producer Shane Eli has hooked up with DJBooth.net to bring fans the exclusive release of his much-anticipated independent debut album, The Push. Mixed by sound engineer Damien Lewis of Atlanta’s Soapbox Studios, and mastered by Jermaine Dupri‘s go-to engineer, Johnny Horesco, The Push is an eclectic album made up of 15 original tracks. The project is produced entirely by Eli, and singer Kamilah Gibson makes the sole guest appearance"


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