zaterdag 5 juni 2010

Oncue - Cueyfornication


O1. Cuey Intro (prod. KIDStarr + Evo)
02. Otherside (prod. The Goonies)
03. Right OnCue (prod. The Goonies)
04. Never Knew You (prod. The Goonies)
05. So What If I Bleed (prod. The Goonies)
06. Under Her Britches (feat. Juice) (prod. Ecue)
07. Give It To You (prod. Hannibal King)
08. Make You Feel Better (prod. KIDStarr)
09. The Sign (feat. Michael Minelli) (prod. OnCue + The Goonies)
10. Shut the Fuck Up (prod. OnCue + Chanes)
11. New Girl (prod. Remot)
12. Walk In My Shoes (prod. Darkseid)
13. The Way Down (feat. Rebecca Taylor) (prod. The Goonies)

<a href="">Otherside (prod. The Goonies) by OnCue</a>

<a href="">Walk In My Shoes (prod. Darkseid) by OnCue</a>

<a href="">New Girl (prod. Remot) by OnCue</a>

OnCue released this tape like a year ago but because of his new video and his upcoming project named Cuey Sings The Blues I felt like I still had to share this with you. The whole project is based on the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and overall it is a great tape! I have heard a lot of projects in the past based on the music of other famous artists, but none of them could impress me like OnCue did. The beats are provided by; The Goonies, Kidstarr, Darkseid & more.


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