zondag 6 juni 2010

Kooley High - Kooley Is High (2009)

1. Intro(ducing)
2.Gettin’ Up (Remix)
3.Daykeeper (Kooley High Remix)
4.Phonte’s Movie in a Minute
5. Stay Up (Young N’ Fresh Remix) feat. HaLo
6. Flow Glow (Kooley High Remix)
7. I’m Fresh (Remix)
8. Due Process (Kooley High Remix)
9. G Building (Foolery Koolery High Remix)
10. Bodega (HaLo Remix)
11. Jacques Cousteau
12. Kooley is High
13. Soldier (Kooley High Remix)
14. Rude Bwoy
15. The Next Episode (Foolery’s Fooldogg Remix)
16. Trix (1983 Kooley High Remix)
17. The Light (Outro)
18. Worldwide (BONUS TRACK)

So after posting Tab-One's - The Tabloids, it's time to introduce you to the group that Tab-One is part of named Kooley High. Kooley High are made up of Tab-One, Charlie Smarts, Rapsody, Foolery, Sinopsis & DJ Ill Digitz. In 2009 they dropped their mixtape "Kooley Is High" hosted by the man K-Salaam (of K-Salaam & Beatnick). This shit is dope as hell specially for in the summer, believe me you don't want to sleep on this so give it a chance and you will find out what i mean!


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